We understand what homeowners want when they decide to build a sundeck. They want it to be appealing; so they want a wide choice of colours. We offer a full range of vinyl products, with the quality guaranteed. And we augment this with our own custom color selection. Homeowners also want all the information, all the details they can get; we are more than willing to supply this, upfront, whether online, by fax, over the phone or in person.

But most of all, homeowners want to feel safe, first that the price quoted is the price he or she will have to pay; and second, that the job will be done right -- and that the contractor will stand behind his work and make it right. Phoenix & Ediger Vinyl Sundecks knows the value of a satisfied customer. That's why we offer a 7 year warranty on all our work. And we mean what we say. That's why we're recommended by Home 2000 and the Better Business Bureau among others.

A testimony from one of our customers:

“Thank you! Thank you! Our nightmare is over.  This is Our story:
We are two seniors that hired a painter to paint our house.  He did a good job and worked hard at it.  When we learned that we were going to get our two decks repaired he informed us that he could do the job at a reasonable price.  We agreed on price, completion date and what was to be done. It soon became obvious that the painter was not a carpenter or vinyl deck installer.  He was over his head.  One day he packed up his radio, tools and abandoned the job site.   He did do some work, he did do a decent job of painting our house and he did abscond with a lot of our money.  We had hired a contractor from the classifieds to finish off our uncompleted decks.  This “smoothy” claimed to be a hard working Christian with a journeyman carpenters ticket and crew of professional tradesmen, he referred to them as “my guys”.  He claimed he was starting a $3,000,000.00 job next week and that our project was just a filler that he and his competent crew could complete in 3 days.  It soon became apparent that the hard working “Christian” was not a fully qualified union carpenter as he claimed to be.  His workmanship was so shoddy and incompetent that other contractors found it laughable and were hesitant to attempt to repair it.  I am sure they could have repaired it but at the time there was lots of work out there and small contractors do not want to make right someone else’s incompetence.  This sleazebag bought a hammer drill and reciprocating saw, got a brake job on his van, paid his child’s day care with our $2,000.00 advance.  When we fired him we were left an uncompleted job, piles of wood and garbage in our driveway, hundreds of 1” nails on our lawn and a sour taste in our mouth. 

Then along came John from Phoenix & Ediger Vinyl Sundecks.  We explained our situation to him.  He was sympathetic to our plight and immediately put us at ease while drawing attention to the errors that the 2 previous ‘contractors’ had made and how he was going to make them right.

We decided to give Phoenix a go.  THEY DID NOT ASK US FOR ANY MONEY and said they would not until the job was completed to our satisfaction.  We were impressed with the speed and competency of the work crew.  They dismantled the component Home Depot type aluminum railing and installed a superior custom made product.”

Happy in Burnaby