• In general, we offer 60mm roof grade vinyl to conform to today's roofing codes.  60mm vinyl is required for the British Columbia building code.
  • We have a selection of custom colour schemes and patterns - Our vinyl product line has never changed, and that is significant. Changes come as a result of defects identified.
  • Phoenix & Ediger offers vinyl flooring and decking material on the market that has been fully tested to ensure that it meets industry standards, whether for decks, walkways or any other heavy pedestrian traffic application.
Detail down the deck and around the post Detail up the wall and around the post Custom deck detail

Straight Seam, run up the wall 6” Vinyl run up the wall Welding a seam

A testimony from one of our customers:

“I would like to thank Phoenix & Ediger for their professional, friendly and prompt service that they gave to us when rebuilding our deck.  This project was completed to more than our satisfaction and we were able to enjoy the deck this summer.  I love the new railings and vinyl.  I have already highly recommended Phoenix & Ediger Vinyl Sundecks and will continue to do so.  Thanks again!”



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