Since our beginnings in the early 1980s, Phoenix & Ediger Vinyl Sundecks has been a team of sundeck specialists focused on being the best in our very competitive field. We realized a long time ago that our success in achieving this goal would be dependent on offering our clientele the right product at the right price installed in the right way.

Then we added one more thing; unqualified reliability.

Getting a reputation for being able to deliver all these things has taken nearly 20 years. But it couldn't have happened any faster.


Because offering unqualified reliability means we have to have unqualified confidence in our installation staff. Since most of them have been with us since we started, we do. And over that time we've learned that there is no decking or waterproofing problem they can't face and successfully overcome.

It also took time to be able to ensure that our installers -- and subsequently many other lower mainland installers -- are supplied with the best vinyl on the market.

We know that this vinyl product, which we offer at the 60mm and 40mm industrial grade, is the only vinyl tested and proven to meet industry standards.

These two things mean that the decks we do last. And last. And last.

We've also stayed abreast of the times and the changes in our industry. Years ago, when space was plentiful and costs much lower, decks could be -- and were -- built almost anywhere, almost any which way. The space under them was seldom considered important, much less livable.

Today, we all know space costs -- big time. And most modern decks are built over space that is important. That's why we have worked very hard to develop the skills and techniques the ensure that what we deck above remains waterproof below.

Our customers have shown their appreciation of our efforts; most of them call us back, again and again. This is reflected in our growth. In our first year, our earnings from vinyl sales and installations stood at CDN $180,000. Today, this has grown nearly ten-fold, to some CDN $1.6 - 1.7 million. We like to think this proves the market is telling us that we're doing something right.

But a good business doesn't just grow. It evolves. That's why we intend to go on sparing no effort to find new and better ways to serve our customers, always with the aim of saving them time, trouble and money.

- Phoenix & Ediger Vinyl Sundecks