How soon can the deck be used after the vinyl has been installed?

You can use your deck immediately once the vinyl has been installed.


How do I clean the vinyl?

The best way to clean the vinyl is to use a soft scrub brush with mild soap.  (dish or laundry soap)  No harsh chemicals, such as bleach or TSP.


What is the life expectancy of 60ml vinyl and warranty?

The warranty for the vinyl and labour is seven years.  The vinyl’s life expectancy can be as long as 15 to 20 years.


Why do we recommend vinyl to fiberglass?

We feel vinyl is a better product because it bends and moves with your deck.  Whereas, fiberglass has the possibility of cracking if the deck was to shift, expand or move.


How often should we re-caulk the deck?

Caulking should be checked yearly, and redone if needed.  Warranty for caulking is one year.


What kind of plywood is recommended?

We recommend ¾” plywood tongue and groove. 


How do you fix a tear in vinyl?

We recommend a patch to be done.  The vinyl would be cut out to the size of the patch, glued and welded on to the vinyl to ensure a water proof seal.


What happens if I see bubbles after the deck has been installed?

This is normal.  If bubbles occur, wait for 10 days, and if the bubbles are still there, call your installation company and have them come out and apply some heat to have the bubbles go down.  The bubbles are just the gases from the glue expelling.