Phoenix & Ediger Vinyl Sundecks operates on a broad-based marketing strategy within a specialized field. That's why the commercial sector in general, and contractors in particular, are also a very important source of customers.

A contractor sees things differently than a homeowner. He wants the hard technical data which will help him decide whether the products and services being offered will match the project he's working on -- at the best possible price.

He's more interested in durability than unique appeal. So where colour is concerned, though he too wants a full range of choices, for him it must be a full range of neutral greys and beiges; to think otherwise could hinder his downstream sales. He also wants an end result that will be low maintenance.

What he shares with the homeowner is wanting to know that the sub-contractor he chooses will do the job right, every time. Because he knows what we know. Contractors build in volume. Sourcing sub-contractors for every job is time consuming -- and risky.

Our guarantee takes the worry out of trying Phoenix & Ediger. And our source-to-end-product hands-on control means that we can offer the best possible price this side of sacrificing quality (of vinyl or of workmanship). We supply the best product. And we put it in right. It's that simple.

Our success in convincing contractors of this fact over the years is why we can proudly say that we number more than 150 contractors, big and small, as core customers.

Independant Installers

This segment of our clientele has a distinctly different point of view. As independent operators, they depend for their living on making efficient use of their time. Being saddled with inferior flooring material (whatever its apparent price advantage) can turn a profitable project into a nightmare.

Sourcing through us eliminates this worry. And because of our long experience doing our own installations, we understand -- and care -- about the details of his particular project problems in a way that bigger, non-installing suppliers may not.


The industrial sector (vinyl flooring applications in the broad sense) is a new market for Phoenix & Ediger Vinyl Sundecks. But it is one we are very serious about penetrating.

We believe that the expertise and experience we have gained supplying the material and doing the installation and waterproofing for every imaginable kind of sundeck project lends itself naturally to other things, such as parking lots.

All we ask is that we be given a chance to quote. That done, we are confident that you will call back.

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